Welcome! I'm Courtney Braun.
Growing up I always found myself imagining and telling stories. I rarely went a day without either playing dress up, going on adventures searching for creatures (real and imaginary) in the woods behind my house, or bending over a table furiously scribbling with a pencil in one hand and gluing paper with the other. My imagination continued to grow as my interest in backyard adventures turned into a fascination with mythology and books which then expanded into the wide world of art, history, and movies. There were so many places to go and people (also real and imaginary) to meet!
I wanted to be like the artists and authors I studied and admired. So, I dove deep into the creative concept design process developing characters and worlds with their own stories. I began taking classes, and alongside personal exploration, I started my journey to becoming a trained artist.
As a freelance illustrator I’m working one-on-one with clients to bring fantastic characters, their journeys', and the places they explore to life. One of the best parts of what I do is having the opportunity to listen to my clients' spectacular imaginations and then interpreting them visually to help enhance their idea. The other best part has to be being able to share my creativity with others so that their lives can be full of enrichment and entertainment. I’ve witnessed stories and characters change lives in personal, deep, and profound ways. Our stories and art make essential impacts on the world, and I want to contribute to that and inspire others to do the same. 
In my free time I enjoy spending time serving my community as a greeter at health wellness events, exploring nature, listening to another mythology, fantasy, or Star Wars book, sneaking in a quick workout at the gym, and saving up to travel out west to visit various American National Parks and eventually overseas to Europe!
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